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Are you ready to improve the appearance and functionality of your residential or commercial property? Here at Deck Builders Jacksonville Craftsmen we have the expertise to deliver a custom modern outdoor space. Whether you want a patio, deck, gazebo, arbor, pergola, or any other exterior element, we have highly-creative and skilled professionals who can build a masterpiece that you will love. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your property and install a well-designed element that adds to the overall beauty. For any installation performed by our Jacksonville deck contractors you can be assured of high quality, durability, and affordability.


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Since every property is different, and each owner has different needs, we construct custom decks to suit specific needs. Our builders are experienced, and we only use superior materials in our projects to guarantee a structure that not only looks beautiful, but also stands the test of time.


A pergola is another excellent addition to your home. It can serve as a relaxing spot on a hot summer afternoon. No matter the type of pergola you want, we can build it for you. We can also construct an elegant arbor to provide climbing space to your plants and increase your home’s value.


A patio is an excellent place to relax and unwind on a weekend afternoon. If you’re interested in making this addition to your home, we have the expertise to do it for you. Our skilled builders can help you choose the right patio colors, finishes, and design that blends in with your home’s current look. We’re good at our creations, and our work will amaze you.


Need an outdoor space for quiet conversations or somewhere to exercise or do yoga? A gazebo may be exactly what you need! We have been constructing these spaces for various Jacksonville residents, and they’ve made us their preferred choice due to our unrivaled craftsmanship. You will fall in love with our unique designs.


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In addition to new installations and upgrades, we also repair damaged decks, patios, gazebos, pergolas, and arbors. When you notice any small problem to these spaces we encourage you to contact us early before it grows into a bigger, costlier issue.


Do you have an existing exterior structure and want to upgrade it? Rather than demolishing it and starting afresh, our professional builders can improve its appearance to suits your needs. Upgrades not only save you time, they also save you cash. And with our highly-skilled builders handling the project, you can be assured of magnificent results.

Deck Builders
Jacksonville Craftsmen

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    Your choice of a contractor can make a huge difference between great and poor results. Since you’re spending your hard-earned money, you should choose a highly-qualified builder who can deliver to his promises. At Deck Builders Jacksonville Craftsmen, we take pride in having many years of experience in this industry. We can construct exterior additions that will beautify your property and wow your guests.

    As Jacksonville deck builders we are devoted to delivering according to your expectations. Contact us today and have an experienced Jacksonville deck builder evaluate your needs.

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    Decks for All Weather Conditions

    Our contractors here at Deck Builders Jacksonville Craftsmen understand that the structures they’re building will be located in the exteriors. Exterior location means they face potential damage due to exposure to harsh weather conditions and destructive insects such as termites. That’s why we only use pressure-treated lumber because it’s both rot and insect resistant.

    We understand that you’re spending your money on this project and want something that will last. We’re always careful when choosing our materials to ensure the final structure lasts for the longest time possible. We’re a deck builder that cares about your finances.

    Custom Modern Decking

    home or commercial establishment, we’ll sit down with you, discuss, and try to figure out your expectations. We note everything down during this consultation. Our expert builders can also contribute ideas to make your design even better. From there, we’ll use our experience and equipment to construct a high-quality structure.

    If you have a commercial property such as a restaurant, a deck is a beautiful extension. It provides a fantastic place where guests can enjoy fresh air as they eat or watch the sunset. If you don’t already have a deck in your restaurant or hotel, hire us to install an elegant one for you to boost the look of your business and help attract more clients.

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    Does your yard look dull and boring? Let us bring it to life by constructing an attractive outdoor structure. Whether you want to make a new installation, replace your current structure, or make upgrades, we have the skills to make it happen. We’ll work with you every step of the project to make sure we get everything right.

    Various people have different tastes and preferences. A design that works for one person may not suit another. At Deck Builders Jacksonville Craftsmen we understand that, and that’s why we offer customized services to build structures from scratch. You can choose your desired design, colors, finishes, and any other feature to build a creation that suits your preferences 100%.

    Wood is the material that has for long been used to construct decks. However, you can also choose composite; it’s another material that is emerging as a popular choice among property owners.

    You may have an existing patio, gazebo, deck, pergola, or arbor. However, your design tastes or preferences may have changed. If you don’t want to demolish your current structure and install a new one, we can make upgrades so that it suits your current needs. Whether you would like to add more style, space, functionality, beauty, or any other element, we have the magic to make it happen. The best thing about upgrades is that they save you money; you can improve your current structure without breaking the bank.

    A great design doesn’t mean it should be expensive. That’s what we believe here at Deck Builders Jacksonville Craftsmen. That is why we offer our services at cost-effective prices to suit people of low budgets. Even if you think your budget is low, get in touch with us. We can develop a solution that suits your finances. And just because our services are affordable doesn’t mean they’re poor; we don’t compromise on quality no matter the money you’re willing to invest in the structure.

    How does your yard look? You may have an existing patio or gazebo, but is it how you would want it to be? If it is still in good condition but has several damages, call us to repair it before things get worse. If it’s in dire need of a revamp, let us upgrade it for you. If your yard looks bare, install an attractive gazebo, pergola, or arbor to add more functionality and improve your property’s look. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.